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Wise Food Smart Packing

Our unique and innovative packaging provides you with a 25 year shelf life and adds tremendous value and efficiency with great protection, easy use and storage, and simple preparation.

Mylar Pouch

  • By eliminating the typically used #10 can and creating a more eco-friendly, space saving, light-weight innovation called the Mylar pouch; we bring efficiency into food storage. Our unique pouches cleverly remove residual oxygen through the nitrogen flushing process, and seal tight to preserve the natural flavors and nutrients of your food storage.
  • These Mylar pouches contain 4 adult servings and are also resealable, allowing you to ration how much food you want to eat, ensuring that none of your food will go to waste. This is a convenience you don’t get with cans, which force you to eat all the contents at once after being exposed to the air. Our pouches are efficient at storing your food and providing you with more options, so you can eat what you want, when you want, and save the rest for later.

Polyethylene Bucket

  • In order to effectively protect and preserve your food storage, we took it one step further and sealed our Mylar pouches within durable Polyethylene buckets. These efficient, 5-9 gallon buckets, feature a convenient, light weight design, perfect for storage or any grab-and-go emergency.
  • Our containers also feature an easy lock-in stacking capability, providing a simple and dependable way to store your food supply. This saves a lot of space; a year supply of food storage for a family of six can fit in the amount of space your washer and dryer take up.
  • Our buckets have convenient pull tab lids that allow you to quickly and easily open, close, and reseal your food storage.
  • Often, food storage takes up a lot of space that many people do not have; we provide a new and much more efficient method.