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Freeze Dry and Dehydration

Two Methods, One Great Meal.

Wise Food Supply

We made a choice at Wise Food Supply, not to limit our meals to only one of these methods. Rather, we took a different approach, by combining both methods and providing you with the best taste, shape, and texture available. We took our time and did our research, carefully studying which process worked best with which ingredient. It’s the best of both worlds.

The Methods: Dehydration & Freeze Drying

The dehydration process is a simple method that removes moisture from the food in a low temperature drying chamber. Freeze drying, on the other hand, flash freezes the food and then vacuums it dry.

The Advantages

Each process has its advantages, so by combining them, we are able to deliver the best results.

  • Food retains its nutritional value
  • Food sustains natural flavors and textures
  • The meals shrink in size, making them compact and light weight
  • Better serving sizes
  • Easy to store
  • Can be cooked by simply adding water