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Why Us?

Here at Wise Food Supply, we make your safety and satisfaction our priority, with gourmet freeze dried food storage crafted meticulously to offer the best taste, value, and efficiency available. Our 25 year shelf life is something we pride ourselves in, offering  a reliable and delicious food supply that will last you years, no rotation needed, no wasted food.

  • Our innovative food supply secret starts with the food. Made with only the freshest farm-picked ingredients grown on farms across the United States, our meals are rich in organic nutrients and robust with true flavors and textures. Through freeze drying and dehydration, our meals are preserved in their natural form, retaining their nutritional value, taste, and texture.
  • Packaged carefully in nitrogen flushed Mylar pouches, our meals stay fresh for 25+ years. By eliminating the commonly used #10 can, we made your food supply more efficient, light weight, space saving, and eco friendly. The resealable pouches allow you to ration how much you want to eat of what you want to eat, saving the rest for later. This means none of your food supply will go to waste.
  • Whatever your needs, we have it. From a 1 month to a 1 year supply and more. We are determined to ensure your well being in any crisis, from natural to economical disasters and everything in between.
  • We make peace of mind delicious and convenient, taking the worry out of your future. In addition to our popular 25 year shelf life long term food supply, we offer freeze dried meats with a 15 year shelf life, camping meals for the outdoors enthusiast, and high quality survival kits.

With Wise Food Supply you are getting the best tasting food storage at the lowest price with the highest quality. We are happy to ship your order out within 24 hours, and get your food supply home, where it belongs.