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Freeze Dried Meats

Wise Food Supply offers the highest quality freeze dried meats available, with an extensive 15 year shelf life and a gourmet seasoned taste. Unlike the bland flavorless meat storage commonly sold by competitors, our meat supply is delicious and true in color, texture and nutritional value.

Our meats are the perfect addition to your food supply, rich in protein and robust in flavor. Thanks to our specialized freeze dying and smart packaging processes, our meat sustains all its natural flavors and nutritional value, along with texture. 

  • Mylar nitrogen-flushed pouches keep our meats fresh and delicious for years.
  • Perfect for long term food supply, camping trip, or even last minute dinner ideas.
  • Shorter shelf life than our food storage meals, but packed separately, making for a great addition without weakening the shelf life of your 25 year food supply meals.
  • Meats are light weight and condensed to supply you with ample protein in a small package.
  • Grab and go buckets are easy to take on the go, and convenient to store with a durable lock-in feature.
  • Easy to prepare, our meats are cooked by simply adding water.
  1. 60 Serving Gourmet Freeze Dried Meats

    60 Serving Gourmet Freeze Dried Meats

    60 servings of assorted freeze dry meat + 20 serving bonus of long term emergency rice. Total Servings 80. Learn More

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